Could I not go where the wind took me,

Would you not be with me by then?

I translated the unknown into what I did,

Did you even spare some specs to hold onto what you wanted?

How do I break these branches, trees, your cries,

I always end up planting a new one, a branch and a cry.

How do I not hear you?

I knew, and I didn’t, the trail you left,

You knew, and you didn’t, the trail I left,

How do I stop not looking, how do I not cry?

The lullabies, I do miss, and suddenly

The sky has known how to be less magnetic.

No wishes and no prayers,

The world ain’t music anymore.

I could see the heads bowed down,

Ears listening to what the sky had to show,

They went by, they went through.

Insanity prevailed, misery prevailed,

And then I did see it,

I could see Her;

God! I could, but not. . .

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